curriculum overview

Classes are self-contained learning environments, in which the program stresses academics in a Christian format. The core curriculum includes Integrated Language Arts, Literature, Math, Religion, Science and Social Studies. In addition to the core curriculum, students study conversational Spanish, Art, Music, Computer Assisted Education, Media and Physical Education. Extra-curricular activities are available to the student body.

At the elementary level (grades 1-5), reading and writing skills are cultivated by exposing students to Children’s Literature and the Writers Toolbox. Math classes include manipulatives to teach addition and subtraction. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum with concentrated programs in the computer lab weekly. Fifth grade introduces a modified team teaching approach in preparation for the Middle School experience.

The transition from fifth grade to the Middle School Program is an important step in a child’s development and education. The faculty and administration are committed to providing the student with the necessary skills to achieve academic success, while instilling Christian values that lay the foundation for the student to grow into a confident young, moral teenager. 
Middle School (grades 6-8) offers a modified teaching approach with departmentalized instruction including: Science lab, enrichment courses, modified block schedule, and an Honors Recognition Program. Pre-Algebra is added to the seventh grade curriculum. The eighth grade curriculum expands to include Algebra I, Algebra I (honors) and high school Spanish. Through meaningful classroom instruction and participation in extra-curricular activities, the eighth grade graduate is academically and socially prepared for high school.