Principal’s Message For March 31, 2019

Craig Palmer

Principal’s Message 3/31/19

This week’s Principal’s Message is focused on the 4th Sunday of Lent and today’s Gospel. It is Jesus’ best-known parable about the “Prodigal Son”. It is also possibly the greatest story ever told. This parable tells us everything we need to know about our relationship to God, if we simply attend to the details.
We all know the story of how a man’s younger son asks for his inheritance and then leaves home, squandering it all on a life of debauchery and excess. He is finally forced to hire himself out to feed the pigs where no one gives him anything. He is hungry, destitute and alone, finally coming to his senses and returning home to his father. This parable represents what happens when we rupture our relationship with the Father and turn to sin. The results never turn out as we had hoped.
The good news is that, just as the father in the parable throws respectability to the wind and runs out to meet his younger son, God the Father runs to us! The Bible is not the story of our quest for God, but God’s passionate, relentless quest for us. As Bishop Robert Barron said, “He put a ring on his son’s finger-the ring of marriage, symbolizing the reestablishment of a right relationship between us and God”.
We can only imagine how joyful the son felt in the parable. He probably thought he would be ridiculed, chastised, and possibly rejected by his father. The reaction of the older son confirms these fears were legitimate. Many others probably felt the same way as the older brother. But God, just like the father in the parable, rejoices at our “return”. He celebrates the “coming home” of one lost to sin. His arms are thrown around us and there is feasting in Heaven. We are all like the Prodigal Son, attempting to strike out on our own and survive without the assistance of a father. So often, this is a recipe for failure! Let us use the rest of the Lenten Season to identify our failings, make atonement for them, and return to the Father who’s just aching to welcome us back to the family.  
Please check our website, Facebook page and the Church bulletin for updates and upcoming events that you can enjoy with us. Please continue to pray for our school, its staff, students and families, and our clergy as we strive to provide an education that is unapologetically Catholic, family centered, caring to others and respectful to all. “It’s a great day to be a Saint!”
I hope you continue to have a blessed and prosperous Lenten Season!
Craig Palmer