"Healthy Saints are Happy Saints”

Jill Harrington Price, RN

Saint Mary School is committed to providing a safe environment for all of our students and we especially recognize those students with possible life threatening food allergies. The risk of accidental exposure to foods can be reduced in the school setting if schools work with students, parents and physicians to minimize risks and provide a safe educational environment for food allergic students. Students enrolled
in your child’s classroom may have a life threatening allergy to one or more of the following allergens: Peanuts, Tree-nuts, Dairy, Eggs, Soy, Wheat, Fish, and Shellfish. Avoidance of these products is the primary method of managing this health issue at home and in school. For those students allergic to these allergens, airborne allergies or even residue left on surfaces can lead to serious reactions by inadvertent contact. In an effort to limit this problem, our school has developed procedures to ensure student safety as it relates to food brought into the classroom from the outside. The procedures, although new to St. Mary School, have been in place in many districts in the state including Middletown.
All classrooms will be Nut Safe, meaning no peanut or tree nut products will be allowed to be brought into any classroom. Peanut and tree nut products will still be allowed during lunch are to be eaten in the cafeteria only. A designated Nut Free table will be available in the cafeteria and will be cleaned following each use with soap and water. Students will be told not to share food with others students or staff. No staff member will be responsible for determining if a food/drink is safe for a student with food allergies.
The avoidance of life threatening food is the best method of protection we can offer to our students. Parents are obligated to inform the school nurse and teacher of any allergy diagnosis or concern. We cannot maintain health records without communication from home. Classroom teachers will address food allergy issues with their students. Medication may be stored in the Health Office as well as the child’s
classroom and may be stored in a locked container at the end of the school day. Students may be allowed to carry their own epinephrine, if age appropriate, after written approval from the student’s physician and parent/guardian. Staff members are trained in the administration of Epi-pens, CPR and AED’s. Teachers will be responsible for carrying emergency medications on all field trips.
Saint Mary School will celebrate four (4) yearly approved parties. All Saints, Christmas, St. Valentine’s, and End of Year party. These four (4) parties are the only time that food may be brought in to the school. Grade specific and subject specific celebrations such as K Gingerbread and Thanksgiving, Ellis Island Day, Colonial Day and Cinco de Mayo will be permitted. Items containing peanuts or tree nuts will NOT be allowed at any celebration at any time in the classroom. Home baked and store baked goods will NOT be allowed at any time in the classroom. The Head Class Mom must give the teacher one weeks’ notice as to what food items will be brought in to the classroom for an approved party. The School Nurse will keep a menu of food items that are suggested and in compliance with these policies.
Birthday celebrations will not be centered around or include food in the classroom. Students in grades K-5 may “dress down” on their birth day or at a date chosen by the classroom teacher. The birthday student will also receive a certificate from the teacher redeemable on Pizza Day for a free cupcake or Oreo cookies on the next scheduled Pizza Day.
Saint Mary School is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for all of our students, faculty, and staff. Saint Mary School allergy policies are in no way inconvenient or unnecessary. By attending our school, you agree that protecting every child is a priority. Your cooperation and understanding is required.
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