Through Catholic teachings, Saint Mary School’s nurturing staff provides academic excellence within an intimate setting that is individualized to promote faith, respect, self-discovery and a lifetime of learning starting with our Little Saints at age two continuing through eighth grade. Welcome to our family.

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The Water Report

Water Testing was conducted at Saint Mary School. Please download A Letter to Saint Mary School Families and the Water Report to learn more.


FACTS Tuition Payment Program is open for enrollment for all families. All tuition payments should be made through FACTS. FACTS our financial aid assessment service, offers a secure and convenient process for both the school and families to manage tuition payments. To read more, visit our Tuition-Financial Aid webpage. To set up a FACTS Tuition Payment Account, go to

Council for American Private Education Reports on Trump and School Choice

Vice President Mike Pence swears in Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, as her husband holds the Bible.

President Trump Calls on Congress to Enact School Choice
President Donald Trump, in his first address to a joint session of Congress, urged lawmakers to pass an education bill that funds school choice. Families, said the president, “should be free to choose the public, private, charter, magnet, religious, or home school that is right for them.” Download the article.


Hello Families,

I am so happy to be able to share this incredible news with everyone. The NJ State Budget was finally signed on July 3 and it includes very good news for nonpublic schools. In the 2017/18 budget these are the amounts in:
  • Security-$75.00 per student ($50 last year); ...
  • Nursing: $94.00 per student (this amount is an approximate-$90 last year); 
  • Technology: $37.00 per student ($26 last year); and, 
  • Transportation $1000.00per student ($884 last year).
I hope you are all as happy as I am! This was a concerted effort by everyone, I thank you for keeping the message alive and making your families aware of the budget situation during the year.

What is very important now is that the transportation amount be sent out to everyone involved in nonpublic school transportation – with this increase bids can be accepted up to $1000.00

Please make this information available to our families by posting it on your Facebook page and Tweet it out! This increase in transportation could be the thing that allows a school to keep a route or renew a route that was lost. This is a BIG WIN!!! Congratulations to all of our schools, families and students!

Craig E. Palmer

Who are The Bosco Boys...

...and what do they have to do with Saint Mary School?

The Bosco Boys are Brother Steve DeMaio and Brother Steve Eguino who have been featured in Array of Hope concert events. Both are currently in formation studying towards becoming Catholic priests with the Salesians of Don Bosco. They peform Rap and Hip Hop songs of faith and have a YouTube channel. One of their videos is “Who Says You Can’t Be A Saint.”
A teacher shared this video with Principal Craig Palmer who immediately said “This is the perfect fit for our school.” A week later in the men’s group, This Man is You, at Saint Mary Parish, Mr. Palmer told the story, finishing with I’d love to do a video for our school. A member of the men's group knew Array Of Hope, the company who produced the video. An introduction was made at a local diner. Mr. Palmer brought them to Saint Mary School for a tour. Inspired by both the video and the students, the men discussed several ideas.
A plan was put in place. Mr. Palmer and his staff prepared several scenarios that included every grade in the school and showcased all the features that make Saint Mary School great. Array of Hope spent the day video-taping the entire school. They were thrilled that not only did the students know the song, but that the band had learned to play it as well. Throughout filming Array of Hope sent The Bosco Boys video clips. The Bosco Boys were so excited they decided to do an endorsement for the school… Who Says you can’t be a Saint!?
    • Bosco Boys Well Wishes
    • Who Says You Can't Be A Saint
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